Nourishing News: January 2012

Gain more knowledge, so you can grow your roots, and nourish your bodies!

Welcome to Nourishing News Day! Each month, at the end of the month, I'll be highlighting a few posts from around the blogging world that will be of particular interest and value to you. These posts will cover traditional foods, gardening, holistic medicine, sustainable living, and many other topics similar to posts written on Nourish to Flourish. 

There are so many amazing and wonderful blogs out there, I'm sure that my list could grow quite long, and yet I realize we all don't have the time to peruse the internet for days on end. Instead, take a few moments, as you enjoy your morning tea or eat your lunch, to check out these few encouraging posts.
Here are the blog posts I enjoyed this January:

We already learned the basics for making chicken broth, why not stop by Kendahl's blog, Our Nourishing Roots, and check out her post on making beef broth.
Jen over at Real Food Freaks has written an amazing post on what questions to ask your chicken farmer. This is part of their Egg-cellence Series - you don't want to miss it!
We've been talking about fermenting recently, and Jill at Real Food Forager wrote an unbeatable post about reasons to eat traditional fermented grains: 5 Reasons to Make Sourdough Your Only Bread. If you like to eat bread, but want a healthier, but still delicious way of eating it, check out this post.
Jenny at Nourished Kitchen, one of my favorite blogs, posted a delicious recipe for blueberry almond crumb muffins. The best part? They're grain-free! Mmmm...
I always enjoy stories of people healing themselves holistically and naturally. Over at Food Renegade, check out the post, Reversing MS Through Dietary Changes, to watch the amazing video of Dr. Terry Wahls who cured herself of MS.  
Happy reading!

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